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This 1st of October, with permission from Hounsaai Daisosho and Zabousai Oiemoto, Yonezawa Sosho sensei, his tea friends and students from Kyoto hosted a tea gathering in Hawai'i. We enjoyed this rare opportunity for a tea exchange between Japan and Hawai'i. All beautiful and meaningful tea utensils were brought from Kyoto.


The sweets maker, Yukimatsukyokushodo from Komatsu, Ishikawa, demonstrated wagashi making and provided freshly made delectable sweets.

Hanyoan was brimming with Yonezawa sensei's heart-filled thoughts. Thank you very much again for sharing your aloha through TEA, Yonezawa sensei's family! We sincerely appreciate being able to enjoy this great experience, creating lasting warm memories. We are grateful for your visit and your tremendous generosity bestowed in this shared journey.

Upcoming Events

November 19, 2023   Sotanki (Memorial Service for Sotan, Founder of Urasenke School) at Hanyoan

December 2023         December Tsukigama (TBD)

January 21, 2024       Hatsudate-shiki (New Year tea gathering) at Seikoan

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