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While Urasenke chado was practiced by issei and nisei in Hawaii before World War II, the Hawaii chapter of Urasenke chado was officially founded in 1951 with the visit of Wakasosho, now Hounsai Daisosho.  We have since enjoyed the honor and privilege of being the first Urasenke chapter established outside of Japan.  Now known as Chado Urasenke Tankokai Hawaii Association, we celebrate over 70 years of chado practice, continuing a Japanese tradition with its beginning in the 1400’s-1500’s.  We are humbly grateful to the numerous tea masters, practitioners, artists and artisans, tea purveyors, and tradesmen who have paved the way for us to follow in this Way of Tea, with a great sense of pride and commitment to carry on this tradition into the future.


Urasenke chado is practiced around the world. We all are studying this ancient traditional Japanese art form with its myriad aspects that give it lasting appeal even with lifetime dedication. Our mutual study and appreciation give us a universal language with which to communicate, such that a host's hospitality can be more deeply understood with little translation no matter which tearoom you enter. Every region, however, has its own unique flavors, climate, flora, fauna, and culture that enhance its tea practice. Hawai'i's history, mild tropical climate, and rich culture are unique.

We have classes in two tearooms, Hanyoan and Seikoan, and hold tea events throughout the year.

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